Half Open Centre Service Body

Maximising open tray space combined with functional secure storage. The Half Open Centre makes use of your tray whilst the body cabinets are spacious enough to keep your belongings secure.

The half Open Centre gives you a substantial amount of usable space through the centre of the tray between cabinets to carry loose and large items along with open room across the rear ledge.

The half length cabinets allow weight transfer to be distributed more evenly over the rear axles.

Our canopies are built to provide both functionality and performance on the road.



The same length as our full length body combined with the practicality of a central open tray area.
*Openings are indicative between pinch weld points.

*Actual Length *Weight Actual Per Cabinets

Available Options

Flush Floor

Internal Lights

Manual Locks

Safety Lighting

Pearl White

Satin White

Satin Black

Genuine Accessories built for the work day

Genuine Accessories

built for the work day

Enhanced Protection

Original Designs

Thoroughly Tested

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