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The canopy and service body products have been designed using modular configurations that allow products and components to be tailored providing a full solution package with vehicle customisation in mind. The ability to add and adapt means building your own canopy package or providing a service-based fleet has never been so easy. MSM auto offer an extensive range of options and upgrades that ensure your needs are meet at multiple price points.

Quality and Traceability

Providing solution focused innovation and utilising real time digital traceability that validates customer requirements, we pride ourselves in catering to complex orders.

Constant advances in quality and performance frameworks allow us to develop and improve products continually for all essential needs. With serial number traceability and standardised parts across our range produced locally, spare parts are readily available ensuring minimum downtime.

Facilities and Technology

Utilising and investing in leading innovative technologies and a wide range of advanced manufacturing capabilities, we have refined processes to minimise waste and increase efficiency, maximising value. Our considered approach to production operates alongside a real time monitoring system, ensuring we meet our client’s needs.

IP protection protocols embedded into the business have allowed us to develop a diverse portfolio of products and skills to meet the needs of our customers. We not only design with manufacture in mind, but also recyclability as we focus our efforts on resource efficiency.

Expert Team

With a highly versatile team we can quickly upscale operations where required. Our workflow includes modular production lines, multiple storage facilities and a highly trained product inspection team.

Our dedicated in-house assembly department are experts in assembling various components and products, working to technical drawings and stringent standards.

Our team of industrial and design engineers provide effective solutions in both customisation and volume product defined manufacture.

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